Install Evernote on Linux

Evernote is the most popular work space application nowadays and you can keep anything of your mind like notes, images, audio/video clips, web bookmarks, web clips for your use. Aprt from web version Evernote provide beautiful tool for Windows and[…]

Display your instagram image feed on your website

You like to add photos in your instagram. How it would be if you can show your instagram images on your webpage? It would be really nice. If you have basic HTML knowledge, you can implement that by following the[…]

Setting up responsive image in WordPress

In current days maximum websites are getting converted to responsive – device friendly websites. If you have already converted your WordPress blog or website to responsive or will do, you may face some issues to transform your post images to[…]

WordPress add Dashicons for new menu

When we add new menu page in WordPress in our custom plugins or theme functions we use the ‘add_menu_page‘ page function which can option to pass icon path of that menu. Here is the code snippet of the default example:[…]

LAN chat without any software and network settings

Chat over the same LAN network among different computers always need a software to be installed. But now it is very easy to do the same without using any software or network settings. Mainly at office or home we have[…]

Gmail 5.0 app with Yahoo, Outlook email support

You can now check your Yahoo and Outlook (previously Hotmail) emails inside your same Gmail 5.0 app. Google will launch this app soon. You do not need to install separate Yahoo or Outlook apps in your phones or other devices.[…]

WordPress – show custom taxonomy term description

You have created a custom taxonomy and listed few terms under it. You have written some description of those taxonomy terms. Now you want to display the term description on your WordPress term page. This is what in your taxonomy[…]

How to resolve WordPress white admin screen issue?

WordPress white or blank admin screen except the left navigation bar is a very common issue of WordPress. There are lots of users who do not regularly update their WordPress version. Now one day you logs into your WordPress dashboard[…]