Content privacy of Wavesdream

The content of the Wavesdream is divided into 3 parts like text content, graphical content and video content. We never copy content from the other website. We publish our business related content and our blog posts are mainly business or technology related topics which have been gained during our web development tenure as well as inspired by some other excellent websites. We generally mentioned the names and the URLs of the other websites from where we get the knowledge. It does not mean that we copy the others. For any such type of relevance, it must be unintentional and we will be very much sorry for that. Please e-mail us at [email protected] or contact us from our website. We will definitely remove that information from our website.

Contacts privacy of Wavesdream

We hate spam or malicious emails as you do. All the personal information is very much important to us and we never disclose any information outside by any means. We professionally work on the web based application and we keep every information for safe. We never associate with any of the following natures.
1. Keeping information of the clients or users of another website or company.
2. Get contacts or references from any other website of a company.
3. Selling /purchasing contacts or entertaining web-based marketing or telephone marketing.
All our clients are from official or authenticated ways or they contact us directly. Working with us is the responsibility of the other party (clients) and we will not be liable for any future issue.

Web-development and final products privacy

We work on web based applications, web related designs and development and print designs. All the final products and services are the properties of our clients and we never resell them. All the legal policies should be applied on clients or owners of the services/products and that would be their responsibility. We provide the services and open it for any type of Testing & Beta mode. We transfer the final services or products to the client’s end after proper approval. So, any type of future issue Wavesdream is not responsible by any means. All the licensing or regulation policies are applied to the clients or agents. For any type of issue please feel free to contact us or email at [email protected]

Financial privacy of Wavesdream

Wavesdream is not associated with any type of unauthenticated payment or gift or money transfer. We take payment only for the web based projects or design projects via authenticated payment gateway, bank transfers, bank cheque. We do not accept any payment from any unknown source or payment generated through any illegal way.
Here is our refund policy.
1. For any incomplete project, we will refund the project fees with respect to the development and scope of work as partial or entire (if a fee is taken in advance).
2. The refund amount is fully dependent on the nature of the work, feasibility, communication from both ends.
3. The refund policy applies within a specific time period.
4. The refund amount may be in terms of money or any other web based development service in terms of refunded value.
The legal disclaimer can be changed periodically and we will update it on this page. For any type of assistance please free to contact us or e-mail at [email protected]

Promotional privacy of Wavesdream

If you want to promote any of our web pages or posts to any other blog or website then it is appreciated. It is strictly recommended to maintain the following guidelines.
1. The other website or blog must be under the category of educational, technology, latest news or personal and it must not have any content against Cyber Laws.
2. You have to link with the full URL of our page.
3. You must not use any JavaScript to link our URLs.
4. You must not use NOFOLLOW tag inside your link [e.g. rel=nofollow].
5. You must not use improper title tag of the link.
6. For creating image link on our website the policy goes same.
7. No one is allowed to use the text or images from our website for print media.
8. Educational organisations are allowed to use the content from our website only for the educational and non-financial purposes.
Please contact us or e-mail us at [email protected] with the details of your website/blog so that we can keep a record and if your website/blog will do well then we will definitely make a review of yours and post a positive feedback on our website.