Categorize Media Type for WordPress Media Library

The WordPress users and developers, all we are very much familiar to WordPress Media Library where we upload the media type files like images, PDFs, audio, videos, zip and so on. It is a great storage at all. Moreover we link the upload files to our posts and pages. On the Media Library page there are 3 common filters like Images, Video and Audio.

Now just think about spice it up by creating more filters. There are lots of people who upload PDF, archive and different media files and integrating the media library with new categories will make this section more handy at all.Check this screen shot and you can see 4 new category tabs as PDF, DOC, ZIP and JS.


I have coded a simple WordPress plugin by using file mime type and it is handled by the WordPress default ‘post_mime_types’ filter. You can add as many filter (overriding the default) as you wish by adding new mime type.


After downloading the plugin, unzip it, upload it into your plugin folder, activate it and that’s all. You can edit the plugin file (mimetype.php) to add new mime type.  Presently there are 9 filters already added as PDF, MSWORD, ZIP, JavaScript, SWF, MOV, FLV, AVI, DIVX.

You can download the list of MIME content-types supported by most web servers as PDF format.

Download Link.

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