Get Latitude and Longitude from your Postal Address

We generally do not know the latitude and longitude of our area or any other area if we have needed to get the information. Sometimes we have to Google for getting this information. It is not a big issue to find out the approximate latitude  and longitude for any location and it can easily be done in PHP.


Here I am writing the procedures to do the same.

  1. Create a PHP page say ‘postal_lang_long.php’ .
  2. Put the following codes in the PHP file.
  3. Now place your PHP file in your web server and open the file in any browser.
  4. Now in your browser you can see a text box asking for the name of the place.
  5. Enter the place-name and hit ‘go’ button.
  6. That’s all, you will be shown the latitude and longitude of your location.

28 thoughts on “Get Latitude and Longitude from your Postal Address”

  1. Hi there. Great tute! Very useful. I was wondering, if I wanted to use this in my application, should I sign up for my own Google API Key? Or what is the legality of using the same key over and over for multiple websites, say in a template?

  2. This is fantastic – I've been looking for some solutions for getting lat and long from the post code, but this one is the top-notch one. Thanks for sharing!

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