Make free and online videos from your pictures with FlexClip video maker

For those who need an online way to make a video quickly and easily, FlexClip will help them a lot. This completely new video maker was released by PearlMountain a few months ago. It supports many video and photo formats, and gives a lot of options such as cutting or splitting scenes, and of course adding titles, subtitles, fixed or animated, and watermarking, etc.

I used it to make a quick story by putting several photos, a music and a logo, and I finished it in 2 minutes. I thought if I want to make a bigger video, I should have to pay for it for premium services. However, FlexClip gives me free options to download a 1080p video for free. That’s enough for me.

After a very quick login, which can be done by either e-mail and password, or by using your Facebook or Google account. Then I started my test.

You can import photo or video files to the storyboard by clicking on the photo or camera icons respectively. The third microphone icon is not to upload a sound file but to make a direct recording using your device’s microphone. If you want to upload a ready made music or sound, you can just select the “music” option. It’s flexible to trim your music like trim a video clip.


There is, of course, the option to keep the file under your online account for future editing. It’s automatically saving. Or just preview to see if it is perfect enough to export. If it’s enough, export it out with one of the three quality options, 480p, 720p and 1080p for any use.

Generally speaking, it is very easy, fast, and also convenient for anyone to use from wherever they are! And if someone gets confused somewhere, there is also a most informative tutorial:

The only one disadvantage I have found is that the web version works only with Chrome browser now. But the best is that it’s free. I saw that there is also a version that someone can install on their Windows computer for even faster processing, without waiting for the upload, of files, but which has a minimal cost (4.99 USD).

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