Simplenote app is now completely open source

Simplenote – the most powerful and simple, clean note taking app for all the platforms are now completely open source. This note taking app is developed by Automattic, the mother of WordPress and as per their official announcement “all of the official Simplenote client apps are now Open Source Software under the GPLv2 license”.

We don’t make software for free, we make it for freedom

If you want self-hosted simple note then you have to wait for their future release. Automattic said that “The server is a lot more complex to open source, and also much more difficult to run, than the clients, but it’ll happen someday.”

Why Is Simplenote So Popular?

Simplenote was first started on iOS and over the time it has expanded to all the other platforms like Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows and Linux. It has a standalone web app version too. On all the platforms or devices a user can get same consistent experience and this makes it so appealing.

All your notes, to-dos and tags are kept in sync no matter the device you use to create or edit them.

  • History — slide back to view and restore previous versions of your note.
  • Collaborate— share your note with others and allow them to edit it.
  • Publish — make your note public with its own URL.
  • Tag — organise your notes effectively with tags.
  • Pin — pin notes right from the note list so they’re easy to find.

You can get the source codes of each application from their Github repositories.

Windows/Linux (Electron):

For all those who have not used this great note taking app, here are links of downloading the app for different platforms.

iOS | Android | Mac | Kindle Fire | Windows 7+ | Linux (.deb) | Web App

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