Hear the audio pronunciation of English dictionary words and learn

Many of us speak English words in a wrong way and our ascent is not good or sometimes we distort those intentionally rather by mistake. Sometimes we need to teach the pronunciation of any word to our kids too but the general dictionary has no such feature to make it audible.  Now the google has brought this audio feature of  the English dictionary words. I have just made it easier by using their API.
Just visit Audio pronunciation and you can see an audio player with a search box. Write any English word in the text box and click on Pronounce button. Now you can hear the real English Pronunciation of your typed word.
You just need to latest browser with flash player installed to see Audio pronunciation .
I have just coded the pages with HTML5 audio player and used Google dictionary API & some PHP tricks. If you just test it in any of your server (PHP supported) then you can download the script..

Demo | Source code

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  1. Amazing bro you have done a great job , it will help lot of people , god bless you and go with your good initiative….

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