5 Websites to get icons completely free

As a web and application developer I need icons on my every project. Icons are copyrighted assets like images. I prefer to use kind of public domain graphics which are completely free for commercial purposes.

From where we can get completely free icons for web and graphic design?

Here are the 5 best websites to get icons for your graphic design projects.


This is my 1st choice because of its large collection of fonts and customization options. At fontello you can get icons as a web fonts which is really great for web developers. They offer API for developers to integrate their application on any other web / mobile application.
URL: www.fontello.com | Plan: Free


Icomoon is another great resource for this with web fonts. You can generate SVG for each icon too. You can download lots of icons in different vector formats completely free.
URL: www.icomoon.io | Plan: Free + Paid


This website also has a huge collection of icons under different categories. All the icons are highly designed and they offer each icon to download in a pack. The good thing is each icon pack includes the files in different format – SVG, AI, PSD and PNG.
URL: www.iconmonstr.com | Plan: Free


Flaticon has the largest collection of vector icons online. It had a nice tool to select icon, edit icon size and colour. You must have to credit the authorship of their designs in your website/application if you download as free. This website also provides each design in different format – PNG, SVG, EPS, BASE 64, PSD.
URL: www.flaticon.com | Plan: Free + Paid


I never forget to share Iconfinder which was all time favourite and may be million of people use this website still. The website can tell all its collection and does not need any review from me. Iconfinder has different licence policies for icons and supports different format to download.
URL: www.iconfinder.com | Plan: Free + Paid


This tool allows you to create favicons from pictures that are up to 5 MB from either JPG, PNG or GIF or even from a gallery!
URL: www.websiteplanet.com | Plan: Free

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